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Temporary insurance in Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran and Israel

I want to go to Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran or Israel, ATEL can it cover my vehicle in these countries ?

Our partners allow us to offer you temporary guarantees allowing you to travel in these new countries.

To be able to benefit from this novelty, it is sufficient that your profile meets the above criteria in addition to those stipulated in our underwrites conditions :

  • Be 24 or older.
  • Be 80 or under.
  • Vehicle registered in France or in a Green Card country.
  • Vehicle less than 3.5T.
  • Vehicle with an SRA of 34 or less.
  • Policy term less than or equal to 30 days.

To help you, we’ve set up on this page a simple verification form.

Verification form

+ of 20 years
2 years minimum
Use the following 3 fields to precisely define the version of your vehicle.