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At least 20 years of age and holder of a driver's licence for more than two years in the category of the insured vehicle.
The policyholder and/or driver have not in the "last 36 months" reported more than 2 automobile claims or his total or partial liability was incurred, or a personal injury responsible or not.
The underwriter and / or the driver has not been terminated by an insurance company for loss, traffic violation, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
The subscriber and / or the driver has no "Malus" following a claim, looking for a new insurer, or awaiting a decision from the central pricing office.
The policyholder and/or driver has not had a suspension or cancellation of a driver's licence in the past 60 months.
The policyholder and / or the driver has not been involved in a traffic accident, not declared by him to a previous insurer.
The policyholder and/or driver was not involved in a traffic accident with a vehicle not covered by a motor vehicle insurance policy.


French or foreign driver's license, valid on French territory for the term of policy.

Driving in France with a non-European driver’s license

Updated on 30.01.2013 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister).


If you are staying in France for a short period (holiday for example), you can drive with your non-European driving licence. It must be valid, written in French or be accompanied by an official translation or an international permit. If you move to France, you can drive with your non-European license for a maximum of one year following the establishment of your normal residence in France, under certain conditions.

Drivers concerned

You are concerned if you have a driver's licence issued by a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
It doesn't matter what your nationality is: French, European or non-European. You are not concerned if you relocate to France after an expatriation and hold a foreign permit obtained in exchange for your French driver’s licence issued after examination. Upon your return to France, your French driver's licence is returned to you on your application in the prefecture.
If you are a foreign student or a foreign diplomat, you are subject to special rules. You can drive during your studies or your mission in France.

Conditions for recognition of a foreign driver's licence in France
Conditions related to the driver's licence

To be valid, your driver's licence must meet three conditions :

Conditions related to driver's licence titular

You must comply with the following four conditions :

  • have the minimum age to drive vehicles in the equivalent category of licence in France,
  • do not be subject to a suspension, withdrawal or cancellation of your driving rights in the country of your licence. (This condition does not have to be proven. However, you must be in good standing. In the event of a police check, in particular, it may be checked),
  • not having been the subject of a mesure of cancellation or invalidation of your right to drive in France before obtaining your foreign licence,,
  • respect the medical mentions on your licence (for example, wearing glasses required).

You must also :

Period of validity of a foreign driving licence in France

  • If you are a non-European foreigner
    Your non-European driver's licence is valid for up to one year :
    • the start date of your first residence permit in France (temporary residence card, resident card, certificat residence for Algerian, residence card skills and talents),
    • or, if you have a long-stay visa worth a residence permit, the date of the validation of this visa by the Ofii (this is the sticker and the date stamp affixed to your passport).
  • If you are European
    • Your non-European driver's licence is valid for up to one year after acquiring your normal residence in France (i.e. no more than 18 months, i.e. the first 6 months of your residence in France - 12 months).
  • If you are French
    • Your non-European driver's licence is valid for up to one year after you enter France (no more than 12 months).

3. Vehicle

Excluded :

  • two-wheeled vehicles, three -wheeled vehicles, quads, buggies, agricultural tractors.
  • Taxis, public transport of goods as part of their professional activities, transport of expensive passengers, rental vehicles with a carrier, rental vehicles with a foreign registration certificate, ambulances, sales representative vehicle, car schools, garage vehicles, local authority vehicles, company vehicles, delivery vehicles.
  • Vehicles that have been subject to an unfavourable technical opinion and are prohibited from traffic and vehicles that are not registered.


The vehicle must be accompanied by its registration certificate or any other valid supporting document authorizing it to travel on public roads.
If the registration certificate is crossed out and bears the words "transferred or sold on ...", it must be accompanied by the transfer certificate corresponding to this sale.


The insurance contract shall be void in the event of fraudulent omission or fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of the insured, when this fraudulent omission or fraudulent misrepresentation changes the object of the risk or diminishes the opinion of the insurer, even though the risk omitted or distorted by the insured was without influence on the claim.

The premiums paid then remain acquired from the insurer, which is entitled to the payment of all premiums due as damages.

French Insurance Code, Article L113-8