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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The temporary insurance is a short term insurance, usually from 1 to 90 days, that you take out when a conventional, annual insurance is not suitable. It is usually inexpensive, requires little formalities and is available very quickly.
As stipulated in the law, all vehicles must be insured. If you move an uninsured vehicle, if you are waiting for your registration card, if you have a foreign permit, for all these reasons you must underwrite temporary insurance.
Our temporary insurance covers four-wheel motor vehicles with an all-load weight of less than 3.5 tonnes for car contracts and more than 3.5 tonnes for our heavy-duty contracts in Civil Liability (RC) mandatory minimum for damage to third parties.
For this type of contract, you should know that the body damage of the driver is never guaranteed.
Take those 3 elements : your driving licence, the vehicle registration paper and your credit card.
If you want to underwrite a car insurance, go on our website page car insurance or if you want to insure a vehicle of more than 3.5 tonnes, go on our website page temporary truck insurance
The payment has to be done with your credit car on the website our partner bank. For security reasons, no banking datas are conserved on our website.
Immediately after the payment, you temporary insurance is available and ready to download directly on your page account.
You may not benefit from the right of renunciation provided for in Article L112-2-1 of the Insurance Code provided in case of provision of remote insurance transactions. By way of derogation, this right does not apply to the civil liability insurance contracts of Land Motor Vehicles as defined in Article L211.1 of the French Insurance Code.
The minimum age to underwrite a temporary insurance is 21 years old.
You must have your driving licence for at least 2 years if you want to underwrite a temporary insurance.
If you have a valid driving licence, that is not suspended or expired, you can underwrite a temporary insurance. Your driving licence must correspond to the vehicle category that you want to insured.
Depending on your country of residence and the country of your vehicle, temporary insurance policies may be different.
  • The policyholder and/or the driver has not been terminated by an insurance company for loss, traffic violation, drunk driving or under the influence of narcotics.
  • The underwriter and/or the driver does not enter the "frame" of malus drivers, looking for a new insurer, or waiting for a decision from the central pricing office.
  • The subscriber and/or driver has not had a driver’s licence suspension or cancellation in the last 60 months.
  • The policyholder and/or the driver was not involved in a traffic accident, not reported by him to a previous insurer.
  • The policyholder and/or the driver was not involved in a traffic accident with a vehicle not covered by a motor vehicle insurance contract.
No, the designated person in the contract (the underwriter) must be the driver of the vehicle.

There is no “Bank Loan” type guarantee, the contract requires exclusive conduct.

The insurance contract shall be void in the event of deliberate reluctance or misrepresentation on the part of the insured, when such unwillingness or misrepresentation changes the object of the risk or diminishes the opinion of the insurer, even though the risk omitted or distorted by the insured was without influence on the loss.

The premiums paid then remain with the insurer, which is entitled to the payment of all the premiums due as damages.
Insurance Code, Article L113-8
Our temporary insurance contracts are for four-wheeled vehicles and are perfectly suited to the following situations: borrowed vehicles, new or used vehicles, vehicles imported or in transit, vehicles stopped by law enforcement or impounded, vehicles purchased on the internet or in the sales room, etc.
Your car must have an all-load weight of 3.5 tonnes or less. On the other hand, the tax power of this one can now exceed the 30 fiscal horses and be insured by our services. Our system will offer you directly the type of contract best suited to your situation.
They must have an all-load weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes.
Yes, we offer several types of contract: green card insurance and border insurance. If you have a foreign registration card and therefore foreign registration plates, depending on your country of residence, our system will offer you the contract adapted to your needs.
Not all vehicles used for business purposes can claim to be insured by our services. This includes commercial vehicles, passenger or freight vehicles, driver training vehicles, garage or community vehicles.
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